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Chapter 1 : Web Principles 101

Once we know the objective of our web project, the next step would be creating the structure that is going to hold the content and the workflow of the website. Also we should choose the platform we are going to design for, Mobile, Web, responsive or APP, is one of the biggest unanswered questions that every developer has when starting a new project. 


Chapter 2 :Creating a Website: UX and UI with wireframes and HTML

UX or usability and UI or user interface are what makes a digital project successful or not. Most of the developers think that it’s a matter of just common sense to design a good a usable UI, but the device, the target group, the goal of the website, or even the internet speed influence on the UX. We talked about web architecture, now we are going to cover content architecture. We will learn how to categorize it, TAG it, and order the different kinds of content we can find on any website.

Chapter 3 : WordPress I F2F


We will learn how to use WordPress, create content, and set it up correctly, integrating Yoast, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics.


The SEO strategy should be present from the beginning of the web design. We will have a technical session where will talk about what search engines expect to find in the design of our websites.


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